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If you are uninsured, trying to make ends meet and ensuring you are staying compliant with your prescribed medications can sometimes be challenging. We're here to help.


We believe in being an advocate for your health. That means offering the medications you need at affordable prices. As a member of the Leader® Prescription Club, you now receive premier savings on your prescription medications. An annual enrollment fee of just $10 ensures that you and your family have access to over 5,000 brand and generic medications at a discounted rate, more than 300 generic medications at a competitive flat price, and even great savings on pet medications and select immunizations at any participating pharmacy.


Included Medications

The Prescription Club grants you access to hundreds of generic medications at a low, competitive price. To find out which generics are covered, simply download the complete generic list.

Participating Pharmacies

Pharmacies across the country are taking an active role in helping people get affordable prescription medication. Find a participating pharmacy near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers. Take a look at our frequently asked questions to learn more about the Prescription Club discount program.

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Signing up is quick and easy! Simply visit one of our participating pharmacies to enroll or download an enrollment form here and bring it with you next time you refill your prescriptions.